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About Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee has been practicing in  the Mechanicsburg area for over 25 years. She is a Cognitive - Behavioral psychologist who did her doctoral training as well as her second masters degree at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in clinical psychology. Dr. Lee studied nutrition as an undergrad at Cornell university and did a concentration in exercise physiology at Ithaca College. She is a positive psychologist and a life coach who believes that you can't separate the mind from the body- as such, its' important to treat the whole person. The majority of Dr. Lee's psychotherapy work focuses on Anxiety, Depression, Relationships (Couples Therapy, and Family Therapy), Executive Coaching,Career Challenges, and Substance Misuse. Her clients run the gamut from preteens to octogenarians, from blue collar workers to executives and business owners. Dr. Lee's only requirement is that you, as the client, are invested in your own well being and willing to work toward your goals.  Dr Lee conducts weekly psychotherapy sessions and executive coaching on these and a number of other issues at her office in a  restored victorian on Main St. in Mechanicsburg. 


Dr. Lee's Favorite Books: Letters to a Young Poet by: Rainer Maria Rilke , The Organized Mind by: Daniel Levitin, and  I am the Mind: by Deep Trevedi




Dr. Lee's doctoral dissertation can be found online ; Dr. Lee Morand, doctoral dissertation, PCOM:

A Feasibility Study of an Intervention Designed to Create Cooperative Communication for Couples: a Sociolinguistic Approach to Cognitive Behavioral Couple Therapy